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    CYBLE-022001-00 Android 10



      I made a device with CYBLE-022001-00, with a special app to connect and manage the device with the mobile.

      It has always worked, but with Android 10 it happens to me that, with European mobile phones that have Android 10 the mobile phone associates, I launch the app that connects to the device that uses the CYBLE-022001-00, but the mobile does not connect the device.

      If instead I use a Chinese mobile phone, always with Android 10, instead the app connects to the device that uses the CYBLE-022001-00

      Of course, with Android 9 and below everything is ok



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          Hi Henry,


          1. What is the BLE component version you are using?

          2. Can you please attach the air log while connecting if possible?

          3. At CYBLE-022001-00 side is it like connected and disconnected immediately or not at all getting connected? If former is the case what is the reason for disconnection?

          4. Can you please test our code example BLE_FindMe in PSoC Creator and see if they are also not connecting?