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    program does not run when entered into debugging mode




      i am using CYBT-413055-02 custom module and i am using modus tool box 2.1 and sdk version <version></version>.

      i can able to enter into debugging mode using SEGGER JLINK plus and configured SWD pins clock and Data pins.

      but when i run the program, the program is not running for example if i run hello sensor code..bluetooth does not advertise.


      when i pause the debugger , it goes directly to BUSY_WAIT_TILL_MANUAL_CONTINUE_IF_DEBUG_ENABLED(); to this macro and every time i pause the program, it does not come out of it.


      i made the spar_debug_variable=1 to non zero but still its not running.


      but when i tried command line debugging it works when i do the following steps,


      1. started the jlinkgdb server in the desktop and waiting for GBD connection.

      2. then started C:\Users\danny\ModusToolbox\tools_2.1\gcc-7.2.1\bin\arm-none-eabi-gdb.exe and ran the arm-none-eabi-gdb.exe file.

      3. typed commands like


      target remote localhost:2331

      symbol-file (the ELF PATH IN MY COMPUTER)


      monitor halt

      set var spar_debug_continue=1






      4. if i followed the above steps , i can able to run the program once..cant reset or put breakpoints.


      please i need help with debug in modus tool box.


      thanks and regards,