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    DAP_Init / Test Mode / SRSS_TST_MODE Not Found


      In the PSoC6 Programming Specifications (Rev L), Section 5, "Step 1.A Acquire Chip" pseudocode there is a step to set the TEST_MODE bit in the TST_MODE_SRSS register.


      // Enter CPU into Test Mode
      // Set TEST_MODE bit in TST_MODE SRSS register


      Later this bit is checked:


      // Check TEST_MODE bit is set
      ReadIO (SRSS_TST_MODE, OUT dataOut); if ((dataOut & SRSS_TST_MODE_TEST_MODE_MSK) == 0) return FAIL;


      I can find no details about where this SRSS_TST_MODE (or TST_MODE_SRSS) register is located, or how to construct the SRSS_TST_MODE_TEST_MODE_MSK mask.


      The only lead I've found is that the PSoC4 had SRSS (System Resource) registers, it appears.


      I have didn't see anything related in the PSoC 63 Architecture TRM, nor in the Register TRM. Searching the broader internet, and ARM resources have not helped so far.


      • What are the address and definition for the TEST_MODE bit and the register that contains it?
      • In what reference will I find this information?