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    CYBLE-416045-02 app1 does not start


      I am trying to write a DFU application. I am calling Cy_DFU_ExecuteApp(1), but my App0 keeps restarting in a loop.

      I have built a simple project that a simple project that reproduces the issue. At the end of the App1 build, both build outputs get merged into one. Then I program the merged output to my psoc 6. Then, in debug without programming, I change the value of switchToApp1 to 1 to call  Cy_DFU_ExecuteApp(1), but I get back in App0.


      What am I doing wrong?



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          You have missed the following function in main.c of CM0+ core:



          * Function Name: Cy_OnResetUser



          * Summary:

          *  This function is called at the start of Reset_Handler(). It is a weak

          *  function that may be redefined by user code.

          *  The DFU SDK requires this function to call Cy_DFU_OnResetApp0() in app#0

          *  core0.


          * Parameters:

          *  None


          * Return:

          *  None



          void Cy_OnResetUser(void)





          Please include this in your applicaion and check once. Also, please refer code examples on DFU for PSoC 6 in PSoC Creator.