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    CYPD3175-24LQXQ Load Sharing Creator Example for Industrial/Consumer Applications




      This community post stated, "Currently load sharing feature is not supported in CCGx Power SDK. It is impossible to simply enable it with EZ-PD Configuration Utility. You need to do the code modification with PSoC Creator."


      Unfortunately, there was no Creator code modification details provided.


      Re: CY4532 EZ-PD CCG3PA EVALUATION KIT (EVK) Is there output sharing function of C-port and A-port?


      In addition, on Page 3 of the EZ-PD EZ-PD CCGx Firmware Stack API Reference Guide it is stated:


      "autoss:  This folder provides implementation for the load sharing between multiple CCG3PA controllers and the handling of system level power supply and temperature variations. These features are targeted specifically for USB-PD charging applications in the automotive space."


      For the industrial and consumer customers designing Power Delivery adapters wanting to implement load sharing, how do they get a Creator project?


      Thank you, in advance.