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    Can't program part on CY8CKIT-049-42xx - No Target Selected, none listed to select


      I am trying to program the CY8C4245AX1-483.  I have a .cysch file with a PWM component.  On the PWM I have a clock and pin.  On the .CYDWR, I show the CY8C4245AX1-483 device and the pin.  I selected the pin and configured it to port P1(6).  I placed PWM_1_Start(); in my main.C file.  I performed a successful build (no erros).  My EVAL board is plugged into my PC's USB socket.  I have a yellow light on the board and a blue flashing light.  But I cannot program the board.  When I go to select target and program. I don't see anything in the list. Is it possible the PSOC Creator 4.3 application does not see the EVAL board?  If so, what do I need to do to get the PSOC Creator 4.3 application to see the EVAL board?