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    Do the example codes use different BLE services (UUID services)?



      I am using the CYBT-213043-MESH kit, and Modustoolbox


      could you explain me


      can you answer my questions? please


      about Mesh-Snip examples such as Mesh_Snip-213043-mesh_location_server, Mesh_Snip-213043-mesh_vendor_specific_app, Mesh_Snip-213043-mesh_battery_client


      1) each example uses a different particular service provided by a Bluetooth device such (UUID services) as the Battery Service, Binary Sensor etc?


      Or do all the examples use the same BLE service(UUID services)?


      2) if this is the case, the CYBT-213034-MESH module can use all these example codes in one and that each function of each example works simultaneously?



      3) How many services can be used at BLE MESH?


      I know that the services can be used: Mesh Provisioning Service and Mesh Proxy Service


      Can BLE MESH use more services or just these 2 that I mentioned?


      Could you explain me? please