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    How to Create 2 pwm signals with 180 degree phase shift over another one in cybt-213043-02 mesh module



      I am working in CYBT-213043-02 mesh kit. In which i need to generate 2 pwm signals, whereas one should be 180degree phase shifted over another one. I tried inverting the signal using this function  

      wiced_hal_pwm_start(PWM_CHANNEL_1, PMU_CLK,pwm_config.toggle_count, pwm_config.init_count, 1);

      wiced_hal_pwm_start(PWM_CHANNEL, PMU_CLK,pwm_config.toggle_count, pwm_config.init_count, 0);


      But during 0percent duty cycle the inverted one remains high, Also i tried changing the toogle_count but i didn't got any proper pwm signals. If someone encountered or somebody knows to solve this problem, Please help.


      Thanks in advance.