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    Connecting/Disconnecting to Ports via C# applications


      I'm having trouble using the port interfaces in the PP_COM_Wrapper dll that PSOC Programmer provides. I am using a CY8CKIT-0529 PSOC 5LP prototyping kit. I am able to successfully open the port to the board and have verified that I can write to it using the USB-I2C bridge. However, when I go to close the port or check if the port is open the commands returns that the port is closed. For the closeport() command it returns -1 and "Port is not opened!" For the IsPortOpen() command, it returns a 0, which means the port is closed, and no error message. I can still write to the board via I2C after running both commands. Any feedback on why I am unable to close the port and why the program thinks the port is closed would be appreciated. Am I missing a use of the command?