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    exemple code for this reference design ACT2861-201-REF03


      Hello everyone i made PCB design based on the reference design PB-811 and CCG3PA Car Charger Reference Design using Southchip i changed CYD1775 of car charger to CYD1771 so it will work as power bank i connected both CCG3PA with I2C as the design of this  reference design ACT2861-201-REF03 but the problem is the exemple code in PSOC creator is based on PMW between CCG3PA and BUCK/BOOST and not on  I2C as on both reference design.

      can i please have the code exemple of https://www.cypress.com/documentation/reference-designs/ez-pd-ccg3pa-usb-cpps-power-bank-solution-using-qorvo-formerly

      so i can start with ?