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    DUAL SPI AND PUART NOT working at the same time.




      i am using CYBT-413055-02 module, i configured dual spi mode and both spi are working perfectly. i also need to receive 10 bytes from PUART and i configured PUART  callback function.

      then i run the program , dual spi channel working fine but when i enter some data in puart com port(terraterm software), the puart callback function is NOT WORKING.


      so i disabled one SPI and run the program in single channel SPI mode and PUART call back function..but this time PUART call back function is WORKING.


      is there any limitations for using dual spi and puart callback at the same time?


      i am using MODUS TOOL BOX 6.2 and sdk version is <version></version>.


      please i need answer for this ASAP.