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    CYW20719 More Data (MD) flag



      There is an example which demonstrates the maximum BLE throughput:

      GitHub - cypresssemiconductorco/mtb-example-btsdk-ble-throughput: This CE demonstrates the maximum BLE throughput attain…

      In "Factors Influencing Throughput -- 2.Connection Interval" section, It said "if the PDU has the More Data (MD) flag set, multiple packets may be sent in the same interval. "

      How to configure MD flag of CYW20719?


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          Multiple packets per Interval is a standard Bluetooth LE feature, which requires More Data (MD) flag to be set. But it seems WICED don't officially provide this feature in public versions of WICED SDK.


          It will take time to hack into this before resolution comes out. Or please contact your local sales representatives for internal support.


          I'll continue to search for resolutions. Please stay tuned.



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