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    how WICED_BT_TRACE is working


      hi sir/madam,


      in my project  we are sending image data to cybt and cybt send that data to printer.


      wiced_bool_t spp_rx_data_callback(uint16_t handle, uint8_t* p_data, uint32_t data_len)


          unsigned long int i;

        for(i = 0; i < data_len; i++)




         WICED_BT_TRACE(" ");  //hci uart trace



      1)if i am using  wiced_bt_trace image(460567 byte) data passing completly other wise we are getting 16000 bytes data and not accepting next data also.

      here whats happening  exacle with WICED_BT_TRACE.

      2) how WICED_BT_TRACE. is working.

      3)when i am using  wiced_hal_puart_synchronous_write(&p_data[0],data_len); for normal text data of 1000 bytes but  i am receiving 260 bytes only.