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    Verifying BLE connection on a BCM20736S

      I am working with a new PCB design using the BCM20736S. I am trying to verify that BLE communications are working between the board and a Windows 8.1 PC. I am using the 2.2.1 SDK's unmodified Heart Rate Monitor application to do this test. "Heart Rate Monitor" shows up on Windows Bluetooth scan, but I am not able to pair with the board.


      Although I compile for the 20736, I understand that this same code works on the 20737 part.  So I do the following without changing the firmware.... On the same PC I am able to download the firmware onto an Anaren board (Dev Kit A20737A-MSDK1 with module base on BCM20737) and the "Heart Rate Monitor" shows up on Windows Bluetooth scan. I am then able to pair with the device without any issues.


      Another symptomatic difference between these is that the BCM20736S-based device will only show up on Windows' discovery screen for 8-12 seconds.  The Anaren-based device will appear on Windows' discovery screen for 40 or more seconds.


      I repeated these tests with the Speed Test and several other SDK apps, and I get the exact same results.


      So is there any firmware/compiler reason that the Anaren board would work in this case, but my PCB with the BCM20736S would not pair?  Does this point towards a hardware issue on my PCB, or are there possible software reasons for this issue?