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      Looking to know the data pattern that represents a physical checkerboard on this device. 


      We have an industrial process control application where the CY7C1345G is shared between multiple processors.  Under some extreme conditions we see ram parity failures once every few hours.


      I suspect this is a software issue.  As a hardware test engineer the best I can do is put the ram logic through some extreme paces and make sure it is rock solid.  I have been hammering this ram with destructive non-repeating data patterns.  Have had zero failures, even over wide temperatures and voltages.  Zero. 


      For my last due diligence trial I'd like to invoke a checkerboard test pattern.  I understand that for many memory structures a data pattern like 55555555 may not represent a physical checkerboard, whereas a pattern like FFFF0000 might be the correct one.


      So this is why I'm asking for this information.  Can do NDA if needed.


      Best Regards,
      Jeffrey Lasher
      Sr Test Engineer
      Virtual Solutions LLC