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    wiced_tcp_send_packet() failed and WWD questions

      Hi all,


      I tried to develop a simple TCP client to send data to a TCP server using the WICED solution:

      Hardware: BCN943362WCD4_3 board

      Software: WICED SDK 3.3.1


      Two experiments I did:

      A. Use WICED API similar to the apps/snip/tcp_client example in the SDK.

      B. Use WWD and LwIP socket API similar to the apps/wwd/ping example in the SDK.


      It occurs to me the case A TCP client (using WICED API) fails frequently when sending data using wiced_tcp_send_packet(). The case B TCP client (using WWD and LwIP socket API) does not experience errors when sending data.



      1. Is the wiced_tcp_send_packet() failure a known problem? If so, is there any fix for it?


      2. I was able to get by the wiced_tcp_send_packet() problem using LwIP socket API with these 2 options:

      a. Using WICED + LwIP socket API

      wiced_init( );





      b. Using WWD + LwIP socket API






      It seems to me the throughput of Option b is better. Is this expected?

      What are the differences betweeen Option a and Option b? What do I lose if I use WWD instead of WICED?


      Thank you for the help.