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    4343W -- BT connection worked fine in WICED 6.2 and has some issues in WICED 6.4


      The actual Bluetooth problem we see is that the BT Connection fails after sometime. I remember this worked

      fine with the WICED 6.2.1 now we have 6.4.0 or it can be something else.. The problem seems to be

      this message:  bt_rfcomm_server_conn_cback unhandled code=0x10

      Where 0x10 stand for (defined in wiced_bt_rfcomm.h):

      WICED_BT_RFCOMM_PEER_CONNECTION_FAILED, /**< Peer Connection Failed */


      > BT stops communicating after receiving an Unhandled Management Event 0x21 which is defined as: BTM_LPM_STATE_LOW_POWER

      The rest seems to work fine, but we need t overcome this issue.