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    CYALKIT-E02 I2C sensors


      Hello, We are evaluating CYALKIT, solar powered BLE module as beacon sensor nodes.Then we are considering to add an optical sensor to this circuit for next project.

      How can we do to archive project? Ex. PSoC software examples of Serial commu module or I2C modules etc...


      regards, KT

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          Hi KeTa_4744291


          Could you please elaborate more your query? Do you need the steps to archive your project or help regarding PSoC SPI/I2C code examples?






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            Dear Swathi

            Thank you for your response.

            Simply we need to help re code examples of I2C, and want to know also procedure how we get them.


            Background is, our customer who is materials manufacturer and making new material solar panel and it has been

            used for CYALKT-02, instead of Panasonic one. We are hardware design house mainly PCB and circuits, our customer asked us to make a new schematics that will be added on optical sensor with I2C. Then next action is how we modify firmware of PSoC 4.


            We are going to take-over this task to our partner who is working embedded software. However I cannot make a inquiry because we do not know well what kind of resources you have.

            Therefore I posted this community to resolve current situation.


            regards, Keiichi Takahashi

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              Please refer the 'CYALKIT-E02 Kit Guide' for the software setup and the I2C example code. The kit guide and other resources required are in the following link.




              You can also try using the i2c example projects for PSoC 4200 available in the psoc creator. Because, the kit uses cyble-022001 module which is made with PSoC 4200.

              File>Code examples> Device family : PSoC 4200 , Filter by : I2C > Select any I2C project and hit create project.

              Before programming, you have to Select cyble-022001 using device selector. To do this follow these steps,

              1) Right click on the project and click on Device selector.


              2) Select cyble-022001