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    yoga c930 flasht the cypd4226 firmware(for yoga920),can't charging now


      I flashed the cypd4226 firmware of yoga 920 by mistake. The problem now is that the two usb c ports cannot be charged. The original ac charger not work, and the pd charging not work either. Now the battery is exhausted, because it can't be charged, it can't be turned on, and the charging indicator hasn't been on from beginning to end. I know that all of this should be my fault, but I don't know what to do now. I hope professionals can provide me with some help, thanks! ! ! The following is the specific process: At first, everything was normal on the computer. Later, I bought a USB C converter and it couldn't output HDMI normally. So after searching on Google, some people said that Yoga 920 is similar. I downloaded the upgrade firmware (pd 1.3) of cypd4226 according to the post, and an accident happened after flashing the firmware.