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    CX3 Design for H-Blanking and V-Blanking period




      I use the CMOS sensor below to create the FW, and I want to set H-Blanking and V-blanking time.

      maker  : Omnivision

      Product : OV2312

      output I/F: MIPI

      Resolution : 1280 x 720@60fps

      Format  : RAW10

      However, I can not get the H-Blanking and V-Blanking time from CMOS maker.In this case,  Is there any other method to know the H and V-Blanking period?


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          Hello Arai san,


          The H blanking period and V blanking period can be calculated if we have the H Blanking (in pixels) and V Blanking (in lines) or if we have the V Total (in lines) and H Total (in pixels) of the sensor.



          Please contact the sensor vendor for the H blanking (pixels) / H Total (in pixels) and V Blanking (in lines)/ V Total (in lines) settings for the given (1280*720 ) resolution. After getting those values, the sensor is configured with those values to get the desired video stream.



          Please refer to this KBA Analysis of CX3 Video Timing Parameters – KBA226779 for the calculations of video timing parameter