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    How to check device's MAC address


      Development environment:

      Windows 8.1 pro

      Platform: CYBT-423028-02

      IDE: Wiced Studio 6.2.1


      We are using CYBT-423028-02 module in our project and we don't know how to check device MAC address for device's unique identity.

      Question :1

      So please suggest how do we keep unique identity for each device, so that on every .hex update we get something unique number that can be used by other devices to connect our device(ble advertising device ).


      Just for an information:

      We used Fix BD adress but there's some issue, we got the same address on each build.


      wiced_bt_cfg.c file

      .rpa_refresh_timeout =                  WICED_BT_CFG_DEFAULT_RANDOM_ADDRESS_NEVER_CHANGE,                     /**< Interval of random address refreshing - secs