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    Serial communication (LED2472G)


      Hi, I am still new to PSoC but seem to have most of the basics working. My next step is to drive an LED272G (https://www.st.com/resource/en/datasheet/led2472g.pdf).


      I'm currently trying to get this going on a CY8CKIT-042 (PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit).


      The LED2472G has bidirectional serial comms, effectively over 5 wires:




      I'm not really looking for a solution but a pointer towards where best to start i.e. would I be best to build it out of Timers and other components, start with another serial comms protocol and work from there, do I need to dive into building a custom UDB component, or am I missing the obvious? I'm a completely swamped by the number of options available.


      Thank you!