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    [Paper] A low-cost test strategy based on transient response method for embedded reconfigurable filters


      Greetings Cypress community. I would like to introduce you a new article that we presented to the Taylor & Francis's International Journal of Electronics. In the article we introduce a low cost test strategy for low pass filters embedded in PSoC1.

      The strategy is based in evaluating the transient response parammeters of the filters under test. Upon these, the filters functional parammeters are determined.

      In order to reduce the instrumental overhead, test stimuli are produced in a signal generator implemented on the analog reconfigurable resources of the chip. On the other hand, filters responses are collected and analyzed using a DAQ or DS Oscilloscope and a computer.

      The results presented on the paper show good accuracy in determinig the functional parammeters of the filters under test among all the possible allocations within the analog resources of PSoC1 and also among different chips.


      The URL to the paper is: https://doi.org/10.1080/00207217.2020.1793412


      I'll be glad to answer any question you may have and provide additional information.


      Emanuel Dri


      National University of Technology (UTN) - Argentina