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    What are minimum, typical and maximum latency for Bluetooth and BLE?


      Considering transmission of time critical information such as audio or time syncing...


      Does the wireless latency through a device vary between devices or is it strictly protocol dependent?

      What is the lowest latency that can be achieved using a Bluetooth or BLE radio?

      What is the lowest maximum latency that can be sustained for asynchronous transfer mode type applications?


      I understand there are three major components of latency:

      - Time for first bit of data that enters Bluetooth transmitting device until it that bit stimulates an RF signal on the antenna.

      - Propagation from transmitting antenna to receiving antenna

      - Time for first bit of data that stimulates receiving antenna until that bit is available at the output of the bluetooth device.


      I believe Cypress has the ability to affect the first and last components of latency in the above definition.

      It would also be helpful to understand any user controlled parameters that may affect latency.