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    CY7C65215: Use SCB0 CDC Interface as system COM port


      Hi there,


      Quick question regarding the CY7C65215:


      I am using this device in USB-UART CDC Mode on SCB0, and USB-I2C Vendor mode on SCB1.  SCB1 appears to be working fine using the I2C mode using Vendor protocol (we are using it to configure/program a CCG4 device).


      The CY7C65215 appears as 3 devices in the Device Manager under Universal Serial Bus Controllers:

      • USB-Serial (Dual Channel) Vendor 1 (USB-I2C Vendor Interface?)
      • USB-Serial (Dual Channel) Vendor MFG (Manufacturer Configuration Interface?)
      • USB-Serial Adapter (I assume this is the UART CDC Interface)


      Where I'm having a problem is using SCB0 as a COM port in Windows.  I need to be able to use with SCB0 as a COM port from a terminal, but I can't seem to find a way to do so.  In Device Manager, which driver should I be using to be able to use this interface as a COM port?  I have a number of possible folders containing USB-Serial drivers in the Cypress directory that I've accumulated through various different parts and eval kits:


      • Cypress USB-Serial Driver
      • CYUSB234 DVK
      • EZ-USB FX3 SDK
      • USB-Serial Driver
      • USB-Serial SDK


      Which one of these drivers should be installed to use SCB0 as a COM port?