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    BCM20736: missing characteristics under IOS 9

      Hi all,

      recently IOS has been updated to version 9. We have 9.02.

      Effect is that some characteristic of our service are no more visible. I did two trials:

      1) 9 characteristics + 9 notifiable characteristics. Total 18.

      I see 9 characteristics + 5 notifiable characteristics. Total 14

      2) 10 characteristics + 10notifiable characteristics. Total 20.

      I see 10characteristics + 5 notifiable characteristics. Total15

      In both cases there is no difference between 5 notifiable characteristics that are visible and the one that are no more visible.

      It seems that under IOS 9 there is a 5 notifiable characteristics limit.

      Does anyone knows if this is true?

      In this case is this limit service related or is it a global limit?

      Thank you