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    Help me with CY7C67300


      Good day Cypress. I have a ML-605 board from Xilinx. On which your usb controller cy7c67300 ez-host is present. I found drivers, as well as some of your programs, for testing usb controllers. Such as control center, cyconsole, etc. Using cyconsole, I ran into a problem when transmitting and receiving data, because I do not have data about the "Request Code", "wValue" and "wIndex", in the cyconsole user guide, it is written that these data can be obtained from the vendor. I will attach a screenshot of the main data page and the controller. I also wanted to inquire about registers. I have written a program in vhdl for reading status, reading registers and writing data. But I ran into the problem of reading after writing to the user space registers, and in internal memory and external memory. Reading is in progress, but the data does not match the written one. As if the registers are reserved. When writing data to the mailbox, and then reading it, the port displays "DEAD", which does not allow you to check the correctness of the program. I tested the program in standalone mode. I would be very happy if you could tell me which registers can be used for writing and reading, without reserved bits. Thanks.ScreenShot_1.png

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          I have this problem too. But I not solution this problem

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            Looks like firmware is not loaded into EZ-Host. Before trying to access registers/ memory, please check whether the co-processor is downloading the firmware into EZ-Host.


            Regarding Request Code, wValue and wIndex...these will also be implemented in the EZ-Host firmware. You can look for standard/ vendor commands implemented in the firmware. Once the EZ-Host(if in USB peripheral mode) enumerates in the Host PC with the VendorID and ProductID as mentioned in the firmware, then using Cypress USB Console application control transfers can be done.