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    Wi-Fi Certification Test in development environment using Modus tool box




      Can I get the Wi-Fi Certification Test by developing with Modus?



      "RELEASE.md" of [Wi-Fi Host Driver (WHD) v1.91.2] had the following description.

      [Includes WFA pre-certification support for 802.11n and WPA3]


      In other words, does this mean that you are pre-certifying 802.11n and WPA3 (including WPA2) and pass the production test?

      Also, does this Pre-Cert pass the test with Client and SostAP using WPA3 if it is CYW43012 described in "RELEASE.md"?



      Does the Modus environment provide a library such as WTS (Wi-Fi Test Suite) provided by WFA?

      If No, how should the Certification Test be done?



      Does Modus support Wi-Fi Direct?

      If yes, is it compatible with GO?

      Also, has the environment passed the Wi-Fi Certification Test (including Pre Certification)?