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    why  the blue mesh node  can  not be authenticated


      Hi  all:

           now  the mesh device  can  be  provisioned  but  it can't  be  authenticated, I want to know how the mesh node is authenticated by the

         provisioner, who can tell me the detail  steps?

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          We support all the authentication methods supported by the Mesh Profile 1.0.

          The mesh_provision_server application shows various methods that device can support for provisioning. The MCU (Eg.ClientControlMesh) can configure the device to use or not to use static public key, and various authentication methods. Please have a look.


          The device manufacturer decides an appropriate method based on manufacturing capabilities and desired user experience. For example, if the device is a door lock that includes an LED, then it would be possible to use the Output OOB authentication with the action that would blink that LED.