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    CCG3 (CYPD3123-40LQXIT)'s default firmware




      My customer has some question with CCG3.

      Could you please give some comment for the questions?


      Question#1. default firmware
      as CCG3's ordering information,
      CYPD3123-40LQXIT is describing USB bootloader and Application FW as default firmware.
      Does it mean "CYPD3123-40LQXIT device include application firmware for charge-through dongle with USB bootloader as default FW"?



      Question#2. expected time for firmware update - how to calculate?

      (2-1) I2C bootloader, 

      How long will it take to update the firmware with CCG3 I2C?

      (2-2) USB bootloader, 

      How long will it take to update the firmware thru CCG3 USB bootloader?


      I look forward to hearing from you.




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          Hello Jake,


          1. Yes, it means that CYPD3123-40LQXIT part includes the charge-through dongle application firmware and is pre-programmed with a USB bootloader.

          2. We dont have any measured value for the time taken for firmware update as it depends on many factors based on the bootloader and host application implementation.

          But I saw that the firmware update with I2C bootloader takes around 25s when using the EZ-PD Configuration Utility and USB-Serial device as a bridge. I think the firmware update with USB bootloader will take lesser time since there is no bridge controller involved and the I2C interface is slower when compared to updating directly through the USB interface.


          Best Regards,

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            Hi Sananya

            Thank you so much for your kinds comment.

            Understood. your comment was helpful to us to select CCG3 part.