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    CYUSB3013-BZXC - USB 3 endpoints not showing


      We have connected CYUSB3013-BZXC to the PC through a USB5537B USB Hub controller


      However, we are not able to see endpoints that have been assigned to USB3.
      What could cause this?


      The endpoints shown using the FX3-DK are:
      - 0x01
      - 0x82

      - 0x81

      - 0x83


      The endpoints showing on the on board FX3 IC are:
      - 0x01

      I have attached the USB descriptor file here for reference and an image of the endpoints showing on the FX3-DK and not showing in our Main PCB



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          It seems that the device is connected in Hi-Speed or Full-Speed mode.  Please check if the device is connected to USB2 hub or USB3 hub by the device manager.


          There may be a problem on the SuperSpeed communication lines on your board.




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            After checking the USB_Descriptors.c file, I can see that you have added the endpoints only on the CyFxUSBSSConfigDscr[] and since the device doesn't reflect these endpoints, the device might be enumerated as a USB 2.0 device instead of USB 3.0 (as mentioned by NoriakiT_91 in the above response).



            There could be either the SS PHY disabled in the firmware using CyU3PConnectState(CyTrue, CyFalse);
            Please check if you the CyU3PConnectState(CyTrue, CyTrue); or not.


            Also, the next possible issue could be related to the hardware, in particular, the SS lines on the board.
            Can you please make sure your device complies with Table 11, Page no. 29 of the App note AN70707 from the link: https://www.cypress.com/file/139936/download


            Also, can you share the schematics so that I can review them on my end?