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    Error: " name(node:ref(CanGeneral/CanOsCounterRef))" in  EB MCAL plugins for CYT2B9 series


      Hello Cypress Development Community,


      I am using EB tresos CYT2B9XX-Traveo-II-V1.3.3 MCAL plugins and EB tresos 23.0.0 for MCAL configuration of CYT2B9XX series micro controllers.@.



      While generating project in EB tresos ,it poped up an error in  CAN module  " name(node:ref(CanGeneral/CanOsCounterRef))" caused an error:(1844)No node found for path


      I wanted to disable the variable "CanOsCounterRef" as there is no reference to select in the dropdown by default.

      (Our application doesnt use OS counter for CAN driver).


      I would like to achieve successful build.So, what are all the other settings to be done so that "CanOsCounterRef" is disabled.


      Thanks in advance ! !



      With Regards