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    [CYW43907] wl commands for CE RF certification




      in order to obtain the CE marking for our product, which is based on CYW43907 SoC (module 1GC), we need to pass some RF tests to be compliant with the ETSI 301 893 V2.1.1 standard (we don't use the 2.4Ghz band).

      As the module is already pre-certified (I have already got the reports from Murata), only a subset of the RF certification process has to be done.

      Especially, the RF laboratory has listed these tests:

        - RF output power (5.4.4)

        - Transmitter unwanted emissions (5.4.5/5.4.6)

        - Receiver spurious emissions (Radiated, 5.4.7)


      To be able to perform these tests, a dedicated WLAN firmware is used, as well as a tests application, mfg_tests (+ wl43909B0.exe PC utility).

      Some scripts to be used with the wl utility can be found on the WICED SDK directory, but the "WICED Development System Manufacturing Test User Guide" documentation is somewhat light.


      So, could you provide the wl commands to use to be able to pass the required tests?

      The RF lab asks to transmit at full power on each used channel, and with all supported modulations.


      In case of output power being too high, I suppose that we can use the txpwr1 wl command to reduce the TX power output to pass the RF test, but how can we set the new value permanent on the final product with the operational WLAN firmware?


      Also, to disable the 2.4Ghz band, we use the command wwd_wifi_change_band(1), is it enough?


      Thank you.