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    Custom board with CYW 20706




      We have build a custom board with the CYW20706 but are now running against the problem that we haven't placed an external flash for the pgroam data. Is it possible to store the program data in the onboard ROM instead of the external neccessary flash.


      How can we store the program data in the onboard ROM of the CYW 20706 device and what is different when using an external flash instead of the onboard ROM.


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          Hello RiBe_4725556 ,


          CYW20706 ROM contains the BT stack and device boot code. ROM code cannot be modified by customers.


          If you are asking to download an custom application, then there is two ways :

          - flash download

          - RAM download


          If you don't have an external flash, then only way is to download to RAM. However it is volatile. So you have to download the application in every power cycle / reset.


          I would suggest you to go through WICED-HCI-Control-Protocol.pdf available in WICED Studio SDK to understand the steps to download the application to RAM & flash.




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