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    Add Cortex A9




      I would like to add cortex A9 into the sdk because my board (RZ/A1http://microcontrollertips.com/first-arm-cortex-a9-mbed-microprocessor-board/)  used a Cortex A9.  In the SDK we can found a folder for cortex M3. The RZ/A1 microprocessor also supports the CMSIS (Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard), allowing developers to port multi-threaded Cortex-M family software to the Cortex-A9 core without major modifications. But I do not know exactly what I need to change. I have just change the platform_assert.h and the platform_isr.h for cortex A9. Is it enough or I need to change something else ?If anyone can help me or advise me.

      Thank you.


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