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    Apple Charging 2.1A support for CCG3PA


      If I want to support Apple Charging 2.1A, what is the external resistance value?


      At SDK User Gude, There are description that it should be connected 18kohm resistance at VDDD=5V, and 5.1kohm at VDDD=3.3V.




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          Hi Tetsuo,


          If you want to implement different Apple Brick IDs like 1A, 2.1A and 2.4A, then BC 1.2, QC and AFC need to be disabled. This can be done by setting the charging mode to "Apple" under Source Settings and selecting the required Brick ID in the "Apple source ID" tab in the EZ-PD Configuration Utility.


          However, if the requirement is to enable all the Legacy Charging protocols (BC1.2, QC 3.0 and AFC) along with Apple Brick ID 2.4A (i.e you want to use multiple legacy charging protocols simultaneously), then the "Apple 2.4A enable" should be set to "Yes" and external apple terminations need to be applied as mentioned by you (18K ohm at VDDD=5V and 5.1K ohm at VDDD=3.3V).


          It is not possible to implement Brick ID 1A and Brick ID 2.1A using this strategy.


          Best Regards,


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            Thank you for your information.


            I want to implement AC 2.1A, BC1.2, and AFC simultaneously.

            But I understand that it is not possible.