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    CYW20704A2 drivers for windows 10




      We're using several Laird BT851 with cypress CYW20704A2 chipset on them, and we're having trouble with all of them. We're connected to Intel NUCs with different CPUs, all of them with windows 10 upgraded to the latest possible upgrade.
      What we're getting are different errors popping up in the event viewer, some of which crash our app, some of which don't, but all of the errors cause the BLE communication to our devices to stop until the USB dongle is reset.

      Our IT personnel says he's seen this kind of behavior with different dongles, and in his experience its always a problem with the drivers.
      So, I'm looking for any driver for windows 10 which cypress has approved and tested for use with this chipset, whether its a third party one or cypress proprietary.


      Could someone point me to an approved driver?