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      I am trying to adquire EMG signal with CY8CKIT-044, does someone make something about that with this module?


      Thank you a lot!



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          What do you want to know in this thread?

          Please post the details.




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            Hello Kenshow,


            Thank you for your response,


            I´m trying to adquire EMG signal in differential mode using 3 OPAMPs before SAR. Is this method correct? Is there any way to adquire more than 1 channel?

            Another thing, where can I put the reference? I thought put the reference in the Injection channel of SAR but I don´t know how to control the baseline in firmware.



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              The EMG signal seems to have a range of about -5 to +5 mV.

              Those. this is ~ 5 times the ECG signal.

              They have similar concomitant problems and interferences.

              Yes, you can use 3 OPAMPs before SAR.

              considering that amplifiers should have a small offset (> + 300mV)

              This forum has several topics about ECG.

              perhaps it makes sense to use specialized microcircuits (Ad8232) boards for EMG   and    ECG.

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                Hi Evgeniy,


                thank you for your response. As you said, EMG and ECG have a quite similar adquisition circuit but there are some differences, for example, the reference circuit, I couldn´t find anythin in this forum about that, do you know something about it?



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                  These are mainly discussions for PSoC5LP, you will have to adapt them for CY8CKIT-044.

                  Have you searched the forum? eg:


                  or ECG.

                  one of the discussions: PSOC5 ECG UNSTABILITY

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                    Thank you, I will take a look in both links you have shared. Is it possible to use the PSoC 5LP integrated in CY8CKIT-044 to use its components within the same project that I designed with PSoC 4?



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                      I don't have CY8CKIT-044 so I don't know the answer.

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                        No. To use PSoC5 integrated into KIT-044, it has to be programmed in a separate project. Though some people do that, in my opinion it is not worth the hassle. Since PSoC5 is used as a programmer, you have to reprogram back-and-force each time PSoC4 project needs to be updated. If PSoC4 resources are not enough, I would recommend $10 cy8ckit-059 PSoC5 prototyping board, or, in case of opamps, use external ones.


                        Another low budget approach is to utilize low-cost 24-bit Delta Sigma ADC HX711, operating at 80Hz.

                        HX711: 24-bit Delta Sigma ADC interface for weight scale using PSoC

                        which has built-in opamp


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