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    CYBT-213043-MESH kit


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      I am testing the range of this kit based on Dimmeable Light & Dimmer sample, and it turn out roughly it takes 10 meters between node in order the mesh to work properly. Based on the information in the image below, it can be 75 meters LOS but somehow it is not close to that, is there any setting should I know to make the range a bit further ? Thanks a lot !


      Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 19.43.35.png


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          Please try to wiced_bt_mesh_core_adv_tx_power=4  is for max power.

          You can set this inside mesh_app_init(). Default value is 4. 0 means minimum power and 4 is the max.


          "10 meters between node in order the mesh to work properly" -> What is your testing strategy? Is your device responding with a delay?


          If the distance between two nodes are high, then we should expect high latency. And congestion due to other BLE (or wireless) device can also affect the performance.





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            Dear Dheeraj,


            Many thanks ! I've found the setting per your recommendation !


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