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    CYBT-213043-02 EZ-BT MODULE External Component


      Hi there,


      Since recently we purchase CYBT-213043-MESH EZ-BT™ Module Mesh Evaluation Kit which utilise CYBT-213043-02 EZ-BT MODULE, I would like to ask that do I need to have additional component in order to use it (eg. additional xtal, resistor, etc) ? or we could just utilise the pinout based on its functional according to its datasheet ?


      And ... if we order it, the module that we are going to receive will be like in the image below right ?


      one more thing, in order to program it, could we just use the UART and use existing Modus Toolbox just like in the mesh evaluation kit ? or ... do I need other tools like usb to serial or other ?


      Thanks for the helps.


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