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    What PSOC should I use  - http://www.rahbenrichmentcenter.org/


      I work for a non profit organization for "Human Trafficking". I was looking at the PSoc 6 version. Or Psoc 1. I am looking for two way audio and digital communication using WiFi. I do not know the range of the WiFi on the Psoc6 version but I can always add a WiFi repeater. I will also need one port to send predefined messages. There will be an operator at the reception desk.

      What would be the best choice for two way audio, at least one IO port.




      Note: I have been tasked to set up the file server server, Security cameras and intrusion alarms. My plate is full. I need a SDK to get on line ASAP. Please send me an email for more details. I am handicapped and I will have at least two technicians to do the manual work. I have Orthostatic Hypo tension. I can't control my blood pressure.I will need at least 100 of these SDK boards. I do not have time to develop the board. I can do a Psoc 1 board. But I don't know what to use for audio and WiFi.