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    CySmart - No Device Entity


      I'm working on  a BLE project. CySmart finds my system, connects to it, and pairs with it. But after paring is complete, I get the message:



      I don't have a clue what CySmart is trying to tell me. After this message, it still finds all the characteristics and can read and write their values.


      Anybody know more than I do?




      Ed H.

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          I would like to know some more details about this issue.


          1. Which Cypress BLE device are you using in your application?

          2. Are you observing this issue with any of our example projects? If not, can you attach your project to this thread?

          3. Please let us know the steps that you follow to recreate this issue.

          4. Also, please provide more details about your requirement.


          Thanks and Regards,


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            1. I am using a cyble 416045 module.


            2. Never tried any of the example projects because none of them are targeted to the 416045. I cannot attach the program because it contains too much confidential information.


            3. a) Start up CySmart

                b) connect dongle

                c) Start Scan

                d) Highlight my device in the list of devices.

                e) Click Connect -> CySmart switches to attribute frame.

                f) Click Pair

               g) Click OK on "Pairing completed successfully" pop up.

               h) No device entity pop-up is displayed.


            4) My requirement is simple: figure out why this pop-up is happening and make it stop.


            After a little more exploring, it looks like CySmart may think the device has disconnected. I have put breakpoints at the disconnection events in the ble event handler, but none of them are hit until I really try to disconnect by using the Disconnect button back on the Master tab.


            So... if CySmart thinks it connected and paired successfully and my code never hits a disconnect event and CySmart can discover and read/write all the characteristics (after the No device entity pop-up), just what is CySmart complaining about?

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              You might be observing this issue because of corrupted CySmart installation. Could you please uninstall CySmart and reinstall again.

              You can find the latest version of CySmart from following link, https://www.cypress.com/documentation/software-and-drivers/cysmart-bluetooth-le-test-and-debug-tool .


              Thanks and Regards,