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    Can I use BCR(CYPD3177) without SOC to control it?


      I want to use BCR(CYPD3177) to get 9V power from power bank, and I don't have the SOC or MCU to communicate with BCR,

      can I get the 9V voltage only by adjusting the external resistance?

      The BCR has a HPI Specification, If I don't control the BCR by HPI, I think BCR has the default configurations,

      but I can't find the default configurations in HPI Specification,how should I know the default configurations of BCR?

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          The dividers on the VBUS_MIN and VBUS_MAX pins of the BCR (R3 and R5 for VBUS_MAX, R11 and R14 for VBUS_MIN) determine the minimum and maximum voltages that the BCR will negotiate.

          For example, if the divider on VBUS_MIN is set to 9V and VBUS_MAX is set to 12V, the BCR device will request any voltage between 9V and 12V from the power adapter, always preferring the highest voltage.

          So, you'll have to accordingly configure the source PDOs and the resistor network.


          You can refer to Table 2-5 (Sink Capabilities stored inside the BCR controller) in the EZ PD BCR Evaluation Kithttp://https://www.cypress.com/documentation/development-kitsboards/cy4533-ez-pd-bcr-evaluation-kit.

          A capability matching algorithm is executed to select the best voltage and current, and if no match occurs, the BCR device requests the default 5 V with 900 mA current.


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