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    STA and P2P modes simultaneously



      Here is my requirement. I want to bring up the module in STA mode so that it can connect to external cloud and while maintaining the connection with cloud, the device should also get into P2P mode where it can communicate with other wifi devices.


      To start with, first i tried P2P mode alone, two WICED modules were able to associate one as owner and another as client, and after this next thing is i want to exchange data between them., so i am trying to open socket in P2P mode, but on client side tcp connect is giving error., i am using SDK 3.1.2.


      do i need to call wiced_network_up(p2pmode) before i attempt socket communication between peers??

      I am not able to find any relevant example or documentation. By the way one similar discussion on the forum talked about issues with separate cache arrays for ARP for each mode, i have tried that too, no luck...