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    CYBT-413034 Pairing failure




      Recently I got CYBT-413034 Ev board for new project of my Company.

      I have several issues.





      WICED-SDK Version: Wiced_006.004.000.0061


      Update: Platform and New Patch Files For 20719B1 in WICED - KBA228518

      Target: SPP client (snip.bt.spp-CYBT_413034_EVAL download DEBUG=1 BT_DEVICE_ADDRESS=00167f1234a0)

      I gave bd address using BT_DEVICE_ADDRESS option.


      1. Board detect failure

      -> I connect USB via PC with pressing "RECOVER"(SW2). it was only effective for me.

      Currently I have to press SW2 button at every downloading. Is it correct procedures?


      In addition, I also failed following recovery. It did not recover factory default.

      Note: This will erase any user application in the memory and reset the board to the default state. Press and hold the RECOVER button (SW2).

      1. Press and hold the RESET button (SW1) for 1 second.
      2. Release SW1.
      3. Release SW2.
      4. Re-program CYBT-423028-EVAL.


      2. Pairing failure

      Following codes are in BTM_ENABLED_EVT.


          /* Allow peer to pair */

          wiced_bt_set_pairable_mode(WICED_TRUE, 0);


          // This application will always configure device connectable and discoverable

          ret = wiced_bt_dev_set_discoverability(BTM_GENERAL_DISCOVERABLE,



      WICED_BT_TRACE("ret #1 %d\n", ret);

          ret = wiced_bt_dev_set_connectability(BTM_CONNECTABLE,



      WICED_BT_TRACE("ret #2 %d\n", ret);


      -> From android,  I search CYBT-413034 but failed.


      What I did was...

      1) Change settings

      inquiry_scan_interval : 0x12

      inquiry_scan_window : 0x12

      2) remove write eir

      // app_write_eir()

      -> Android can search bd address only. If I give EIR information again, Android cannot search CYBT-413034 at all.


      I found page time in snoop log(air sniff log) while android send "HCI_Remote_Name_Request".

      In this situation, Android failed all pairing request. (Please see attached)


      I also reviewed other samples in WICED and found there is nothing difference.

      Of course I did this test with other android but was same.


      It is basic bluetooth function so I am very confused.

      Please let me have your advice.

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          In this time, I search bluetooth device as Master role. And it works.

          (duration 30sec)

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            Hi ilHw_4713311,


            1. For board detect failure, can you please try Recovery procedure as mentioned here: WICED Module Programmer User Guide – KBA225060

            Make sure device manager can detect both HCI and PUART COM port. You can mention HCI COM port in make target like- snip.bt.spp-CYBT_413034_EVAL download DEBUG=1 BT_DEVICE_ADDRESS=00167f1234a0 UART=COMxx


            2. Can you please explain why have you commented app_write_eir()? The default definition of function in spp.c publishes device address and 16 bit SPP service. Also, any particular reason to change the scan settings?

            Can you try downloading default spp example in WICED Studio and check if it works?

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              Thanks for your reply.

              I could not reply you immediately due to time difference.


              [Reply of your questions]

              1. board detect failure without pressing "RECOVER" button.

              -> Currently(WICED6.4) Two com ports are found in Windows 10 after USB connection. I learned that one is for firmware update and the other is for debug log. Those port are working well. I could update firmware and see my logs in PC terminal.


              2. Pairing failure(WICED6.4)

              -> I already test several samples including SPP sample in WICED6.4 (WICED-Studio-6.4\common\apps\snip\bt\spp).

              But android cannot search CYBT_413034.

              -> I change settings(interval, window) and remove app_write_eir() just only for my test.


              [New Question]

              3. WICED Studio for CYBT-413034

              Today I did test with 6.2 sample "WICED-Studio-6.2\common\apps\snip\bt\spp".

              To avoid detect error, I had to replace MINIDRIVER from minidriver-20739A0-uart.hex to minidriver-20739B1-module-uart.hex according to WICED 6.4. (Of course, I had to press "RECOVER" button)

              It worked. Moreover, I found "Pairing failure" issue disappeared with 6.2 sample. SPP server works too.


              I want to use latest version of WICED stdudio.

              My target need SPP, HID, GATT.

              What is official version of WICE Studio for CYBT-413034? What is the best choice for me?


              4. "RECOVER" button for updating firmware

              -> Do I have to press "RECOVER" key before power on to update firmware? If so, I HAVE TO PREPARE "RECOVER" BUTTON in my target board. I need to tell HW guy ASAP.


              Thanks for reading long article.

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                I already found this but I thought it is only for WICED6.2.

                Today I changed spar_setup.c in SDK(\WICED-Studio-6.4\20719-B1_Bluetooth\WICED\common\spar_setup.c)

                It is effective for all issue.



                1. Board detect with RECOVER button issue

                -> clear

                2. Pairing issue

                -> clear


                Main change is following.


                extern t_aon_flags g_aon_flags;

                g_aon_flags.enhancedLPO = (2 | 4);


                I will continue my job with WICED studio 6.4.

                But we still need your official comments regarding CYBT-413034 with WICED Studio 6.4.


                Thank you.

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                  Probably I should have mentioned about adding the platform files earlier. Its great to hear that your problem is resolved.

                  To answer your queries, Yes you need to install platforms files and follow the procedure mentioned here: WICED Studio: Platform Files for CYBT-423028-EVAL - KBA223637

                  Regarding use of WICED 6.4, it is an official WICED release and can be used to program CYBT-413034 eval board without any doubts. You can use both WICED 6.2.1 and WICED 6.4 as per your choice. There are no limitations while using both the versions. However you will have to make some changes as per Platform and New Patch Files For 20719B1 in WICED - KBA228518 while working with WICED 6.4.