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    Stopwatch timer 7SEG LED (CY8CKIT-044)




      This sample uses CY8CKIT-044.

      I created a stopwatch timer using segmented LEDs.

      The LED display is based on the sample in "TSoC CY8C4146LQI-S433 基板 7SEG LED サンプル ".

      Start and stop of the stopwatch timer are judged by interrupt from SW2 of CY8CKIT-044.

      The LED time is updated every 100 msec.

      State Machine of the stopwatch timer is as shown in the figure.




      #define STANBY_MODE     0   /* initial state 7SEG LED "0000" */

      #define COUNT_STOP_MODE 1   /* Count stop */

      #define COUNT_UP_MODE   2   /* Count up */