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    Moving 4247 M project to 4147 S, pin mode issue


      After comparing the two pinouts for these ICs, both in the TQFN 64, everything matched up except for a few I/O pins I'm not using anyway. Everything else matched exactly, port-for-port and bit-for-bit. So I copied the 4247AZI M475 project and changed the device to 4147AZI S445. Unfortunately, during placement I get an error:


      ADD: sdb.M0033: error: The instance 'RX', of component cy_pins_v2_20, contains an error. The parameter DriveModes contains an error. Pin 0: Use of drive modes which are not High Impedance with a hardware-routed input requires a port adapter, but the selected device does not have one.

      * C:\hwdev\psoc\LX200\LX200_HandController\AS100243_E.cydsn\TopDesign\TopDesign.cysch (Instance:RX)


      I am using a resistive pull-up pin mode on the RX pin of a UART_V2_50.


      Anyone know of a work-around for this?