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    voltage restrictions for SRAM?


      I notice that some CMOS SRAM parts have are able to tolerate both 3.3V and 5V VCC.


      I've also noticed that, in practice, SRAMs may still operate even when VCC is outside of the datasheet range.  Like what might happen with a defective regulator.  I've seen a 3.3V CY62177EV30LL operate at both 2.5V and 5V - both times because a reguator was defective.


      Is it possible that, in general, 3.3V SRAMs from Cypress can also operate at 5V, albeit with maybe relaxed specs?


      Another example - I have seen CY62167G30 parts available to buy, but no datasheet to go with it (I think that is true -not on your site?).  I assume these parts are the same as CY62167G?   Seems like they might just be the same parts with a different test criteria at the factory.


      It would be very convenient for me to be able to use a 3.3V SRAM at 5V....



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          Cypress does not guarantee any functionality or performance as per the datasheet if the device is operated outside the operating voltage range. The device may work but we cannot say for how much time you will be able to use the device. You may read our app note which may provide some information to you




          Yes, the device CY62167G30 will be 3.3 V part and are same as CY62167G parts. The part CY62167G18 will be 1.8 V part while CY62167G will be 5 V part.