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    Can PSoC6 be connected to parallel SRAM?


      Can PSoC6 be connected to parallel SRAM in some way?

      Customers need more than 3MB of SRAM for graphic.


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          Theoretically yes.  However that might consume more PSoC pins (8 for 8-bit data and 22 for 22-bit Addressing and at least 2 more for R/_W and control.  In total at least 32 PSoC port pins.


          Consider this:   I'm assuming for now you are using graphic data from an SD card.


          Therefore your data flow is:

          SD card image data ---> Graphic display (probably an TFT LCD).


          SD cards are usually SPI comm.  You can get very good TFT LCD displays that are SPI comm.


          Careful SW coding can take the SD card image data and DMA it to a block of PSoC SRAM.  When the next frame on the TFT display needs to be updated, the PSoC DMA can move to the SPI comm for the TFT display.


          Check out these links for Image/Video updates using a PSoC.  See if there may be a useful idea.

          LCD_320.cywrk.zip  (http://mylab.wmsite.ru/moi-razrab/cypress-psoc/)

          TFT240x320_ECG_Simulator.zip (http://mylab.wmsite.ru/moi-razrab/kardiograf)