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    "GL512N10FAI01" NOR flash with "824BB509 Q" label does not work properly.




      We have three kinds of NOR flash device with "GL512N10FAI01" ordering part number. All devices that have "821BB437 T" and "0911VVF JJ" product date codes work properly on the card. However, devices which have "824BB509 Q" product date code do not work properly on the same card. If I need to detail the problem, we cannot write/read 8bit of 16bit Data bus of NOR flash. We could send you a sample to investigate it. This wafer lot sequence may be problematic. We need to maintain production. Although we have a lot of this devices, we have stopped the production since the devices became obsolete. Could you help us?


      By the way, "0911VVF JJ" fits "YY WW A B C" product date code format in https://www.cypress.com/file/294586/download (page 11) document, but its product year(2009) is not prior to third quarter 2007. There is a conflict in marking format document.